Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Inspiration FAQ

Q: Would you expect to learn to command inspiration?
A: That would be like commanding a power plug to give me energy. The energy is there, inspiration is available, all you need to do is to connect to it.

Q: How do you know you are listening to the external voice of God rather than the voices in your head?
A: Who says that God’s voice is external? God as in Love, creative source, is not an external force or person. It can be helpful to de-personalize God and reconnect to the source.
How do you distinguish that from the voices in your head- to quote Michael Neill: the voice of inspiration doesn’t think you suck.

Q: What does it do to be inspired when you can’t pay your bills?
A: A person come to life is by far more creative and resourceful than an uninspired human. Use that to find new ways to create money- that way you can do what you love, love what you do and get paid for it! And even if you don’t succeed at first, you are going to have a far better time. So worst case: good time, best case: good time, great money.

Q: Shouldn’t you do the basics first and then deal with feel-good concepts?
A: If “feeling good” and “basics” are two separated concepts for you, the question becomes what comes first and the term basics suggests a priority. To me feeling good or may I call it contentment and feeling alive is the absolute base of my life. If I don’t feel like I am living the life, what good is the rest?

Q: If you are guided through inspiration, what exactly is your direction in life?
A: If you are guided by TomTom what is your direction? Inspiration is a navigation system that makes the journey of life a meaningful and fun one. Where you want to go with you is up to you!

Q: Is inspiration dangerous when you are left to your own devices?
A: Definitely. When left at your own devices, anything can be dangerous, can’t it? Everything has at least 2 sides. Inspiration- coming alive is potential trouble. There will always be people who don’t like it. If you are trouble when left on your own and prefer not to be, join other people.

Q: What if you started spending money you don’t have because you felt “inspired”?
A: Inspiration will never threaten you to do what is harmful for you. If you can’t afford something, don’t buy it- that’s common sense. Inspiration is a feeling, not an obsession. You don’t have to do all that you feel inspired by- simply tuning into your inspiration however, allows you to live more fully.
Think about shopping-it’s not always the things we want the most, it’s what we think we get from having them that we are really after. Or from the experience of obtaining them.

However if you have a strong feeling about something and you find a way of creating it that is ecological for you, why not go for it?

Q: How do you distinguish inspiration from a whim?
A: Inspiration makes you feel more alive, happier and light. A whim is a shortlived desire and may feel more like a problem if you don’t get it.
Inspiration isn’t about getting all you want. It’s about listening to what you love.

Q: What is the difference between listening to your heart and listening to inspiration?
A: Listening to your heart is often used to tune into yourself and find your own voice and what’s important to you. If we talk about love and trusting love, listening to your heart is a great way to start. You can put your hand on your physical heart for example, draw 3 breaths and tune in. This is also a great way to find out how we really feel about a situation.
Inspiration describes more of a fresh breath into you.
It’s all connected as it were, so whatever works for you now, do it!

Q: Do you have to step out of your ego to open yourself up to inspiration?
A: The good news is you don’t have to do anything! The question to you will simply be what makes you come alive and makes you go WOW! Or YES!:_)

Q: Do you have to be religious to follow inspiration?
A: Nope. By the way, God didn’t invent the church. We did.

Q: I don’t believe in God, - can inspiration be a more practical tool for atheists?
A: Inspiration isn’t a thing as such and it doesn’t come with conditions of having to believe in God or anything for that matter. To be inspired is to follow what makes you tick, what drives you, what nurtures your soul, heart, passion, whatever you call it.
I am sure we can package it into a tool for atheists and make good money by putting it into a fabulous box, in the meantime enjoy it for what it is.

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x Evelyne

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