Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Inspiration and Frustration

If you think following inspiration will guard you from frustration, you are holding a wonderful thought. This morning was a great proof of how one can lead into another within the space of only 3 minutes

All it takes is a phone call to BT. After the 3rd person has confirmed your mothers maiden name and still isn’t able to give you an explanation as to why you have been charged £200 without receiving a bill, the loving voice of kindness becomes quieter only to give room the raging fury about to burst out. The account has been closed! Why would the direct debit be open?

So is inspiration just a fluffy ideal when it comes to real life challenges?
What good is it to have a small voice within asking what you would love to do today if you have to speak to a call centre in India about the most incompetent phone company in the world?

Inspiration isn’t a dogma- it’s not saying how you should be, what is right or wrong. Inspiring means making you come alive.

We can come alive on a phone call but especially when things don’t go our way, many of us –or is it just me?-will find a tendency to listen to the voice of “ I don’t want it like that!!! Why can’t this be done for me now?” which is a more self- based way of thinking. Call it ego, call it what you wish. I call it Freda. (kidding)

The self-based voice is usually more consumed with our immediate needs and desires and cares less about the greater good, connection or coming alive-

I personally don’t see a right or wrong in the ego. We have self- based needs and desires so why not respect and love that in ourselves? In my never quite humble opinion, trying to rid a part is often a channel to keep practising the blame principle. It’s the ego!! Get rid of the Ego!! Even if it is the ego, so what? It’s there so why not get on with it. I don’t think ridding and blaming is nearing us to being enlightened or happier for that matter. Freedom lies within acceptance and forgiveness- even for the ego.

Where does this leave us with BT?
There is choice- I don’t have to take myself and the bill so serious that I destroy my good mood and the focus on the beautiful sunshine and the happy vibe in my house.
I did though because I had decided that BT was going to make me late and make everything complicated and that I didn’t like that at all. They had done me wrong and they needed to make up for it, I told them to and they didn’t understand!
But in the end-what did I get out of loosing my peace?

Inspiration is always present but we choose to tap into it. Once we are worked up, it can be challenging to find it or to even care enough to look for it.

Being happy means making happy choices, being inspired means listening to inspiration, to love and stepping out of the “I need now, I want now”-consciousness.

This morning I succumbed to the unhappy way of dealing with life. And I payed for it. With my good mood, my calm, and increased stress. Was that really worth it? Seems like a quite high price to pay. If I asked you to get really stressed, angry and upset for 1 hour in return for getting sent a statement or in the best case £200, would you do it? If I told you you could get the same results by being happy, would you take up the offer?

Looking back, there is a good chance, we know better. That’s the beauty of reflection. May we be blessed with a good memory so we can apply the knowledge when needed.

Have a GOOD day!

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